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    ABOUT LA Homes
    Here at LA Homes we are a team of highly skilled and qualified new home builders in Adelaide specialising in comprehensive, quality and budget-friendly home building, renovation & extension services to suit your urban lifestyle.

    With years of experience & industry knowledge, we have gathered enough accolades & reputation from various quarters. We operate in perfect coordination, thus streamlining the projects and perfecting them through impeccable professionalism & coordination.

    We understand that a number of our clients do not have the experience, nor the required time to deal with the approvals, plans and the other essential steps needed for building new homes, or renovating or extending the existing ones. That is the reason when you look for affordable home builders in Adelaide. We simply take all those hassles out of the project, managing all – from scratch to completion, so that you can be busy with your life and daily chores. Thanks to our coordinated and picture-perfect approach, you will never have to face the common pitfalls of such projects, like the budget going for a toss, or the project failing to reach the desired result.
    High-Quality Sustainable Homes Crafted & Designed to Perfection
    At LA Homes, we aim to build custom homes that can meet your lifestyle needs and reflect your personality, taste and sense of style. Our company stands on the core values of trust, honesty and transparency and by adhering to these basic principles, we have surpassed major competitors over time and acknowledged as leading custom home builders in Adelaide by our valued clients.

    Whether it’s new builds, custom homes or semi-custom properties, we have excelled in all and incorporate bespoke designs which will make your home stand out. Our crafted architecturally inspired designs, custom layouts, functional fitouts and fixtures not only make your space accessible and functional but help you fetch high market returns in future. As experienced modern home builders in Adelaide, we boast of our meticulous attention to detail, skilled execution and seamless project completion within a promised timeline and budget and pride of envisioning your dreams into a reality.

    There are specialist builders for first-time buyer homes, mid-range project homes, top-end custom designs, and for the very high budget there are luxury builders. There is little point approaching a first-home builder to build a custom home because their budget, repeat design and business model will most likely prevent them from being able to be competitive in a one-off build. Similarly, a high-end home builder just won’t want to build a small home where their margin is smaller than a more luxurious product.

    However LA Homes will appoint the right Manager for the project at hand, A new custom home or that Bathroom renovation you always wanted, you WILL HAVE that one on one contact and able to call your project manager anytime, making sure that no how big or small the job might seem they are all treated as it should be, a creation of dreams.

    Many clients want the perceived security of a household name, with the company’s volume of completed homes guiding their choice.

    It is very important to read reviews and speak to past or current clients before you sign. A good builder will have no issue with letting you speak to customers and they should be able to supply good, verifiable references. We go just that little further and show you some of the work we have done, this is made easy to walk you through some of our clients home, WHY… Because we build not just the dream of our clients but a long lasting friendship.

    In today’s highly competitive market, builders are cutting prices to keep busy. That looks good on paper, but cut prices are not sustainable in the long term because every business needs to make money to remain stable into the future.

    You may have got the best price in town, but if the builder is not around to build for you it’s a very hollow victory. Here at LA Homes, we know price of any project can grow and grow. This is why all pricing is done upfront before any works are started on site, we also out line what can be upgraded later in the project with no extra cost of labour.

    Many builders specialise in certain styles. If you are building a complicated, undercroft three-storey home, don’t choose a home builder who specialises in single-storey display homes. They probably won’t have the staff or trades to move onto a complex construction.

    Similarly, if you are very eco-friendly and want a lot of sustainable features, look for a specialist builder who has experience in that area.

    Where LA Homes is set apart from the rest is that the project manager for your project is picked for his past achievements. In saying that LA Homes won’t take on just any project, each one is talked over in house and made sure the ability to help the client is there, either our work load, client time allowance and so on.

    Most builders have a favourite area where their pricing is most competitive. Building within a metro area is easier than outlying suburbs because everything is close to hand. Most people don’t like to say no to work, but leaning on a builder to go where they are not comfortable can bring problems like extra costs and possible delays on site, because the builder has fewer options to rely on.

    When putting a price together, a builder outside his area will add a contingency in case he needs it.

    You don’t want to pay for a builder’s nervousness.

    LA Homes has many contractors around Adelaide, this allows us to take on a project in areas most wouldn’t and if they did you would be paying for it anyway.

    Think about the relationship you want to develop with the builder.

    Some clients need to be present on site regularly and want to build up a rapport with the supervisor in charge. Most bigger builders change supervisors regularly and some clients can find that frustrating.

    If you want to be involved in the project, a small builder may provide a more personal service. You may even be dealing with the owner of the company and this can give complete reassurance.

    It’s vital to get the right builder for your project who will deliver what you want, for the price you want, and with the level of service you need.

    A good project manager can help guide you in decision-making, explain unfamiliar building procedures.

    LA Homes has been known to arrange Slab Party’s. A Slab Party is when the slab has been poured showing that the 1st major stage is complete, we let you invite friends and family. This shows that as long as you flow the site safety instructions you are more than welcome on site. In saying all that we can be left to the project, as after the selections have been made we only need to know what colour KEY you would like.

    We at LA Home come up with construction of new homes, renovation & extension of existing homes, renovation of laundry, bathroom & kitchen, construction of new granny flats and renovation of the existing granny flats.