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Building a Granny Flat in Adelaide? Follow These Points First

By building a granny flat you will be able to keep your family members close. Constructing these flats will also help you to save money that you would have otherwise spent on paying rents. If you are based in Adelaide and have extra space in your property, you can utilize that by constructing a granny flat. However, before you hand over this project to the contractors, you need to follow a couple of important points which we will discuss here.

So, now let’s begin with the points.

  • Choose How you Want to Construct the Flat

There is a notion that granny flats need to be constructed only in a separate space. In reality, this is not true. You can incorporate them into the main dwelling as well. Moreover, home builders in Adelaide are now suggesting their clients construct granny flats inside the main dwelling to save space. Also, if you do not have much outside space, incorporating the flat inside the main dwelling is always a good idea.

  • Getting the Approval

Even if you wish to construct cheap granny flats in Adelaide, you need to have the necessary permission. You need to approach your local council who will grant you permission after inspecting a few things. The methods of inspection and the criteria that you need to meet as a landowner vary from state to state. Also, this approval can take quite some time.

In some states, the approval might take around six to eight weeks or more depending on several factors.

In some states where there are a lot of restrictions, getting the approval might take more than a year.

  • Knowing the Land Requirements

Before you construct the granny flat you need to know the land requirements. Choosing the granny flat designs is only half the job done. Though the land requirements will vary from locality to locality, it is best to determine it before beginning the construction. However, if you are not sure of the space that will be required, you should contact the professionals who will measure it for you. 

  • You Can Rent Out Your Granny Flat

If you wish to make some money, renting out your granny flat is a very good idea. Since these flats offer convenience, you can easily get tenants in Adelaide. By giving it on rent, you can get back the money spent on construction in a couple of years or so.

  • Property Subdivision is Not Required

You might be worried about the subdivision of the property for the construction of the flat. In this regard, we would like to inform you that the subdivision of the property is not required for the construction and you can still get the benefit of a different mailing address and other utilities.

  • Getting Finance is Now Easier

Since granny flats have become very popular, getting finance from banks or other institutions have now become easier. If you are seeking a loan, you can get that too.

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