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Hottest Kitchen Remodelling Trends of 2021 You Can’t Afford to Miss

There’s no doubt 2020 has created a paradigm shift in day-to-day lifestyle requirements and surged the importance of staying indoors like never before. After a ravaging year, people are now getting acquainted with the ‘new-normal’ lifestyle and becoming more inclined towards trendy home upgrades to spend quality time indoors. With change in regular household activities, the appearance and functionalities of kitchens are changing too and it has become quintessential to keep up to the latest kitchen design trends to improve flexibility and bring freshness in home! 

Have a quick glance to what’s trending in kitchen remodelling this year and do give them a try!

  • Smart Kitchen – The ‘In-Thing’

Smart Kitchen

With the ongoing smart home automation trend being on the rise, it has become important to design kitchen with high-end technology so that you can smartly monitor and control appliances-from taps, faucets, cabinets to lighting and many more from Smartphone! Faucets with motion detectors, sensor in-built refrigerator, automated lighting are introduced for added convenience of the owner and have surged the popularity of tech-integrated kitchen remodelling in Adelaide.

  • Cabinet Colors to Infuse Warmth

Although white cabinets have been a timeless choice for any kitchen style and decor, they aren’t gaining heights this year. To break the traditional style and incorporate innovation in kitchen designing, you can try out bold and wood paint colours and make kitchen renovations in Adelaide stand out. The mixture of myriad paint finishes create a necessary accent piece and infuse warmth to space.

  • Emulsion Paint Finish for Added Durability

Spending more time in the kitchen leads to premature wear and tear and so heavy-duty paint finishes are dominating in 2021 to provide homeowners with added durability in kitchen paints. Modern emulsion paint finishes have become more important than ever and are easily washable, thereby, making it a perfect choice both for kitchen walls and cabinets.

  • Hidden Storage for Gadgets

Technology in-built kitchen improvements are on the rise in 2021 and demand for discreet storage is likely to increase in the coming years. Homeowners are keen on maintaining the aesthetic balance between kitchen appliances and decor and therefore shifting towards stylish concealment solutions in order to create an aerodynamic finish without going out of style.

  • Functional Range Hoods

Kitchen design is no longer confined to hidden ventilation systems and rangehood is emerging as a decorative focal point. However, it doesn’t require any high-class decoration to stand out. A rangehood installed during home remodelling service in Adelaide that exceeds the traditional cabinetry looks can go a long way in improving functionality and making the kitchen stand out.

  • Double Islands

When it comes to designing giant-sized kitchen spaces, double islands can work well in open-plan concepts and have become an essential part of modern kitchen layouts. A pair of luxury island units can infuse luxury, maximise storage and prove to be a functional addition when space is not a bar.

  • Handle-Free Designs

2021 kitchen cabinet trends are all about multi-tasking, free-flowing designs and seamless connections in spaces. Technological advancement makes it possible to dispense with handles both in case of wall and base cabinets. If you choose not to have push-open cabinets, recessed handles can be a wise pick as it offers the same sleek look and can be paired up with contrasting colours.

Are you all set to give a stunning facelift to your kitchen this year? 

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