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Laundry Renovations

Laundry Renovations in Adelaide By Seasoned Pros

LA Homes is one of the most promising names, providing custom laundry renovations in Adelaide with the highest of standards and meticulous planning to achieve the desired layout. We take into consideration the necessities; such as ensuring there is enough ventilation to ward off moisture, proper electrical circuitry to thwart any electrical mishaps, and to provide the laundry with sufficient space for appliances and storage.

When it comes to custom laundry renovations and surrounds, we at LA Homes go by the present trend that makes the look and feel of your home as seamless as it can be. As per the present trend, by renovating your bathroom as well as the laundry simultaneously, we make sure you can use the same cabinet door profile for every space, along with other materials like matching shelving and benchtops. Our holistic approach gives your laundry as well as bathroom a compact look and feel that adds a new aura to your home.

Why our Laundry Renovation Rocks?

Laundries are often the most ignored parts of a household. This is quintessentially a disgrace and your very idea of staying neat and healthy takes shape here in the laundry. Hence, you ought to have a well adored and cajoled laundry, if you are to keep it at its functional best. This is where the very idea of laundry renovation blooms if space is in arrears in your laundry. And this is where we at LA Homes make the difference. When we pick up a laundry renovation project in Adelaide, we treat it with equal care and compassion as renovating any other area of your household.

Our laundry renovation is all about:

  • Adding Aesthetics and functionality
  • Adding catchy assets in the form of sturdy benchtops that carve out more workable space
  • Optimal positioning of accessories like the washing machine and drier, making enough room for overhead cupboards and providing additional storage space
  • Incorporating whatever you need to meet your needs and preferences.

In short, when you put faith in LA Homes, we come up with budget laundry renovations in Adelaide that will meet your bespoke needs in a never-seen-before way that will never burn your wallet!!

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