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Some Renovations Ideas That Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

One top benefit of hiring a reputed home renovation company in your locality is that its experts will come up with a number of out-of-the-box ideas, which will meet your renovation needs, adding functionality and visual appeal to your property. Now, the stance they will take, and the renovation ideas they will come out with will surely depend upon the overall dimension and space of your property. Surely, the renovation ideas that will work for a home with sprawling space, will not work for a home with limited space. Thus, if you have a smallish home, you need to opt for certain ideas and discuss the viability of those ideas with the home renovation company you have hired.

Having an Open Floor Plan

When you have multiple interior walls segregating the indoor space into several rooms, it breaks the total available space into several pieces, making the interior smaller than it is. You feel crowded and the space looks cramped up, more so with the furniture and fittings that you have. That is why, the home renovation companies today think of opening up the floor plan as much as they can, for homes with limited space. We at LA Homes in Adelaide do the same. Our experts would suggest opening up the floor plan as much as possible, keeping only a minimum few segregations intact, to make your space more sprawling.

Using a Uniform Flooring Material All Throughout

Gone are the days when our house renovation experts in Adelaide like anywhere else would suggest using different floor materials for different rooms. While it may work for big households with large floor areas, it is a strict NO-NO for the smallish homes. The reason being, while on hand it will add variety, on the other, it will interrupt the continuity of the floors, thus causing a visual jerk, and making your indoor space look even smaller. This visual interruption will never do justice to the limited floor space you have got. That is the reason, our experts will always suggest having a uniform flooring material, pattern, and texture for your entire home.

Reducing the Colour Contrast

Stark colour contrasts work wonders in big indoor plans. However, in smaller homes, they cause disaster. When you have a sharp visual contrast of shades on walls vis-à-vis the flooring, it will again break that visual seamlessness, thereby making the room appear smaller and more cramped than they are. The light will not be able to able to flow that freely, and you feel claustrophobic. That’s why, when it comes to refurbishing smaller homes, our home remodelling experts in Adelaide would always advise going for as little colour contrast as possible to make the interiors look bigger and brighter.

Maintaining the Correct Height While Setting the Fixture

This is another masterstroke of our experts. Creating spaces for setting up appliances and light fixtures is very much a part of modern home renovations. Thus, when it comes to renovating a smallish home, our experts will curb our suitable spaces to set up appliances and back the concept up by setting up the light fixtures at the correct height.

Now, this has two benefits! Firstly, it will cast the correct extent of shadows at correct angles, ensuring the rooms do not look cramped up and smaller when the lights are on, and secondly, they do not make the walls look crowded. For when that happens, it will by default make the rooms look smaller. This is the reason why our experts pay so much importance to the correct height while setting up the fixtures during our home renovations in Adelaide.

Thus you see, when you consult our home renovation builders in Adelaide you get these and many more invaluable ideas on home refurbishment. So call us now at 0420 886 337 or 08 8121 4132.