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Want to Keep Bathroom Renovations on a Budget? Follow These Tips

Creating a fantastic bathroom on a budget is possible. For that, you will need to consider a few things and might have to let go of a few accessories that would have made your bathroom look classy. Nevertheless, many good builders in Adelaide can get the job done even at a low cost. But you will need to find them out.

Well, that’s a different story and we will discuss it some other time. Now, let us delve into the ways how you can remodel your bathroom by spending less.

A Minimalistic Design Costs Less

If a budget bathroom renovation in Adelaide is what you want to opt for, better go for a minimalistic design. Yes, that means no fancy wallpapers or accessories. But still, a flat colour on your bathroom walls can indeed make the area look elegant. So, choosing the right colour is important. With that, keep the accessories to a minimum to keep the costs down.

Talk to the builders if you are facing problems in selecting the wall colour or the accessories. 

Consider the Floor Plan

Renovating the bathroom will involve making a floor plan. Now, if you want to transform your existing bathroom entirely or want to extend it, you will need to plan your budget accordingly because extensions can be quite costly. So, to save costs, you can leave the floor plan as it is and scrap the idea of extending your bathroom. Rather, you can add some decorative elements or cabinets if you have space.

Installing Newer Tiles

A complete renovation of your bathroom will involve replacing the existing tiles on the bathroom floor or the walls. However, changing tiles can be costly. So, if your floor or wall tiles are not in extremely bad condition, you can leave them as they are.

Yes, you might not get a 100% new look, but builders providing the bathroom renovation services in Adelaide can renovate the other areas such as applying new paint, fixing your pipes or adding a separator to enhance the look and feel.

About the Accessories

Your bathroom will indeed look fascinating if there are new accessories. But since you are on a tight budget, adding anything or everything will not be possible. Therefore, the experts recommend that you only change the ones that have reached their end of life. For example, if your taps are not working properly or your bathtub is broken, you should change only that and leave the rest as they are.

Actually, it is the only solution to keep the renovation on a budget.

Wallpapers are an Affordable Solution

To save costs further, you can even avoid painting your bathroom walls. You can just ask the home builders in Adelaide to install wallpapers since they are readily available and are quite affordable. Moreover, there are many types of wallpapers to choose from.

Remove Accessories that You Don’t Want

If you want to make the new bathroom look spacious, you can get rid of furniture or accessories that you don’t use or that have gone out of style.

This will make your bathroom look tidy and you can add small decorative elements to fill up the empty spaces.

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